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Each file has the basic data and a short description of each resource. Some of them have links to other parts of the site or related resources.

When we speak about InfoVis we are just referring to Information Visualisation, for short.

The resources are classified by topics:

Information Visualisation Active from 2000-07-01 until 2004-12-31
Juan C. Dürsteler Language : Bilingual English / Spanish

The old version of It was alive from the first of July 2000 until 31st of Decembre 2004.

The 1st of January 2005 it was substituted by a new version based in a database with the goal of making it more flexible and make further development possible

In the moment of its substitution it had served a monthly average of 53,625 pages during the last year with a peak of 72,088 html pages in the month of November and a monthly average growth of 12%

The old archive can be reached in its original form. Active from ca 1999 until 2002-02-01
Cartia Inc Language : English

Newsmaps was one of the best show-rooms of information visualisation during the time it was alive. The website, started by Cartia, Inc and later absorbed by Aurigin and MicroPatents, used the ThemeScape technology to build a thematic map with the look and feel of a topographic map.

The map was built by compiling and treating the textual information of a set of documents, creating with the results, a vectorial space and eventually representing it topographically. This way, documents with similar contents appear placed close together. The topics most frequently spoken about in the documents (the keyword with higher statistical frequency of appearance) appear at the top of the mountains, around which you can find the individual documents that speak about the topic, distributed according to its similarity.

One of the most interesting maps was the news of the day. Its very power was that, at a glance, you could see all the most important news stories from around the world in a very clear way. Maybe the closest thing to that today is Newsmap

The ThemeScape technology continues alive and well in the maps that Micropatents produces, but since the disappearance of Newsmaps, the lovers of information visualisation have lost a reference point and a luxury demonstrator of our speciality.

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