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Juan C. Dursteler
Personal Page

After finishing my studies of Physics in the Universitat de Barcelona, I've devoted my professional career to the design of new products and the innovation in the industry.

I presented my Ph.D. on Computer Assisted Design Systems within the Software doctorate programme of the Universidad Politécnica de Catalunya.

During the last six years I've been specially interested in Human-Computer Interface and the visual representation of numeric information coming from Computational Fluid Dynamics simulations, optimization and other processes related with the design and manufacture of advanced products, particularly Progressive Addition Lenses.

More recently my interests have been more focused on Information Visualisation in general and very specifically in the way the presentation of information influences in its understanding.

Summarizing, I'm strongly interested in discovering the techniques that allow the person involved in the 'knowledge crystallization' process to get more than pure data transmission: a change in its mental state; the understanding.

For this reason the 1st of July, 2000 I started the website you are now kindly visiting.

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Roberto Villuela
Personal Page

Graduate of Barcelona University where he studied Physics. Since his graduation Roberto has worked on industrial developement, design of new products and innovation. From 1990 to 2003 he worked designing and developing Progressive Addition Lenses.

Currently he resides in Berlin where he works as a freelance researcher. He has always been interested in properly comunicating the results from scientific research.

He reads with great interest every Infovis issue and reading them he has learned to interpret Information Visualization in a more methodical way.

In August-2005 he began his collaboration with Infovis. This collaboration represents for Roberto the introduction in the newborn field of Information Visualization.

English Proofreading

Karen Fordham
Personal Page

Karen is an In Company English Language teacher based in Vilanova i la Geltru near Barcelona. She has been teaching English in Spain for 12 years having previously taught English in centres in the UK.

She has experience in both General and Business English teaching and has a Masters in TEFL. She has worked in many international companies from a wide variety of sectors.

Karen has been in InfoVis since the very first weeks of the web back in July 2000. She has been proofreading absolutely everything of the English version, on occasions at unearthly hours of the day and night!

InfoVis is forever indebted to her for this. So, if anything is wrong, you should blame the writer, not the proofreader!

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