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Visualise Christmas
by Juan C. Dürsteler [message nº 23]

The message of Christmas time doesn't need to be deciphered, because we have lived it from childhood. It's, maybe, one of the celebrations with more iconography.

In the western world, Christmas time is one of the festivities that generate more preparation, moves more money and possibly that moves more feelings too.

Preparations are already beginning in November. The home is decorated as at no other time of the year. Greeting cards are sent, presents are given, trees full of decoration are placed inside the house and lights are placed in the streets.

All this bustle has an economic impact in a very wide range of sectors, as it also the time to buy presents, toys, trees, decoration, clothes and food in abundance.

It also moves feelings, apart from personal beliefs, because it's a time full of symbolism. It takes place coinciding with the winter solstice, the darkest time of the year in the northern hemisphere and it celebrates the Nativity, the birth of a child that, for the Christians, brings light and salvation to the Earth.

It is the time of Santa Claus, lights everywhere, Christmas cards, stockings hanging in the chimney and nativity scenes that, among others constitute the visual iconography of Christmas.

Light and darkness, regeneration, human warmth in the coldness of winter… In the end, an excuse to wish all of you that are kind enough to read Inf@Vis! much happiness and the best of new years.

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