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Connect to WET
by Juan C. D├╝rsteler [message n║ 195]

In issue 193 we introduced WET. Today we propose you a collaborative experiment that will allow you to play with WET and at the same time will help studying the usefulness of visualisation metaphors. To enter into WET login with your subscription e-mail address and password.

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A detail of WET
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One of the weak points in Information Visualisation still today is the usability and usefulness of visual metaphors and of visualisations in general.  There are many new visual metaphors, some of them extremely creative and with a large apparent potential, but there are relatively few studies clarifying whether they provide an actual added value to the user or not.

This is so since performing a usability study is a complex activity, many users are required and the methodology of study and operation is still evolving and immature.

For this reason at the UPF we are doing a PhD Thesis, from which studies WET has brought to life. One part of the study is precisely to know how WET is used and if it provides benefits for the users. 

What could be better than inviting InfoVis.net users to take part in this study? (we are 8462 active  subscriptors in English and Spanish and more than 150.000 pages are served each month on average).

Consequently we have converted WET in a Java applet (you'll need Java version 5.0 or higher) accessible from Internet. 

We have created a simple usage manual and a system that logs which operations perform the users when operating within WET. This gives us information about which menus are opened, which parts of WET are visited, which metrics are associated with which visual variables, etc. 

The data shown in WET corresponds to the structure and usage of InfoVis.net during the months ranging from March to June 2008.

WET will be available for you to use until September, 30 2008. The results  will be presented using WET itself since the menus and functionalities of WET constitute themselves a hierarchical structure with a usage (our movements inside it)

We invite you to participate in this studio playing with WET. In order for that, you just need to login into WET using your subscription e-mail address as user id and the password that has been sent to you with the newsletter. (If you are not subscribed you can do so in the subscription page of Infovis.net).

WET takes a little to download, please be patient!

Of course you have the warranty of InfoVis.net that your e-mail will be used only to give you access to WET, send to you this newsletter and, if you have played with WET, to communicate the results and  to ask you your opinion about it. Your data will not be used to identify you by any means and the statistics will be aggregated in any case, not individualised. Your address is, of course, confidential and will not be delivered to any third party. You can unsubscribe at any time.

If you have a website and want to use WET with your own data we'll be deligthed to offer you the possibility of doing so. For that purpose we propose you to play first with WET with InfoVis.net data and once familiarised with it decide whether you want to see the usage and structure of your website with WET or not. Just send then an e-mail to: webmaster at infovis.net.  

We believe this is a unique opportunity. We have a wide community of people interested in Information Visualisation that can actively collaborate in assessing the usefulness and usability of a tool. This constitutes a first magnitude collaborative event. We are anxious to see you in WET!

  • WET is the outcome of the work performed by Victor Pascual Cid, Sergio Minguez Regidor and Christian Middleton, supervised by Juan C. D├╝rsteler

  • To login in WET connect to http://www.infovis.net/applet/wet/login_en.php with your subscription e-mail address and your password. We recommend you to change your password first!

  • If you want us to introduce your website data into WET and use it please send an e-mail to webmaster at infovis.net┬á

  • WET has been implemented with the Prefuse API (http://prefuse.org) and the JFreeChart API (http://www.jfree.org/jfreechart/) for the generation of the charts.

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